We love to have players come and enjoy the Tiki space for games and fun. Following these simple rules will make sure Ryan doesn’t yell at you. And you really, really, really, really don’t want that. Ask Jane.


  1. Be cool.

We’re all here to have a good time. If you have a disagreement about a rule or someone’s behavior, ask a Tiki to be an impartial judge. We’re all friends here!


  1. Be respectful of other players.

When tables are filled with players, try to respect those around you with volume and language. They’re trying to figure out how to turn those cubes into better cubes to have more cubes for things cubes do just like you are!


  1. Clean up your space.

If your eating or drinking something, tidy your space up before leaving. Cans and bottles in the recycling bin, and trash in the trash can. No one wants to game in a dumpy dump.


  1. Be cool with other people’s stuff.

When gaming with another player’s or the shop’s games, be respectful to the parts and pieces. People can be super duper particular about their things (see also; crazy Andy), so please treat games like you would an adorable baby marmoset. Offer to help clean up games after playing, and always ask before taking things that aren’t yours.


  1. Push in your chairs when leaving the table.

Be cool with the space we have, and make sure your chair is pushed in. We would like to have an accessible space for all of our guests, and pushing in chairs makes this easier for our friends with mobility restrictions.


  1. Keep your stuff with you, or ask to use a locker.

When bringing bags of things with you to Tiki, make sure you keep them where you’re sitting. We would like to make sure all of our table space is available for players to play games. Tables are happier with games on them instead of bags of stuff. If you’d like to stash your stuff in one of Tiki’s available lockers, come see a Tiki and we’ll take care of you.