Our software business – Island Officials LLC  is where we have been making video games (since about 2007) officially 2009 and we develop apps and websites as well. We have had software offices in a basement in West Deptford and sometimes Williamstown, a classroom in Blackwood then an apartment in Blackwood, an office space in Sicklerville, an office space inside of a glass recycling company in Sewell and then when our software business moved to Woodbury, NJ and we moved into retail space (which was less expensive than office space) but had to sell something so we started selling and buying used board games which was supposed to help with the cable bill and has gained a lot of steam in recent years as most of you probably know.

During the early years of Too Many Games we started selling used board games to help pay for our booth and to be able to take the team out to dinner (and drinks). The idea for Tiki really spawned from there and the business partners (Ryan, Ryan & Tyler) of the software company started collecting used board games in Ryan’s garage. After our grand opening in 2011 (with no electric, so we were only open during the day) we had a full fledged retail location of about 83 SF.

Two years later we wanted to grow both the software end and the retail end so we moved, again, but this time next door to a spot that was about double the size and we converted the Tiki side to about 400 SF and the software side to about 800SF.

Then we expanded more, we took over a space in the back of our building previously used as a man cave for a maintenance man and expanded the software end primarily back there and Ryan, Ryan & Tyler’s desks were mixed in the Tiki side of 750 SF. We started to have a lot of fun with yoyo’s and games.

Early in 2013 a young man named AJ Kirk came a calling offering to host a YoYo club in our shop, we said “What?”.  About a month later we started carrying YoYos and hosting club with Ryan’s son Gabe as the first member. Since that time our club has grown and we have a an amazing group that attends Tiki Tiki Yo Yo Club regularly (meets every Saturday at 4pm if you are in town).

The Monthly Throw was founded in 2016 by the owners and our club members felt that the Yo Yo community would embrace this idea fully and would enjoy a little mystery to boot. In the beginning of April 2016 we were lucky enough to partner with the NYYL and an amazing list of sponsors hosts of the NJ State YoYo competition-The Ringmaster Classic.  In addition to our Island Officials, Tiki businesses we also run an awesome show called SJ Geekfest that we host twice a year.

In April of 2016 we looked at an empty building down the street and thought maybe this was a good idea. A month later we signed a lease, launched a kickstarter, partnered with an amazing NFP called WORC and began restoring the inside and outside of Polsky’s Corner which now houses the Nerd Mall with our “Roomates” Luke & Cade’s Toy Chest, ABXY Video Games, On The Record and Softair NJ.

So that’s the official history of us.

Around the shop today you’ll find some cool things that point to our past and keep us focused on a bright future. Look for the “Harb Heads” as although Ryan left the company in 2017 we are never without him.

Come on down to the corner and hang out a bit, all are welcome to have fun!