Howdy Howdy!

We at Tiki Tiki Board Games run Dungeons and Dragons events several times throughout the week. If you’d like to play, its $8 per player, per night in cash, or 8.50$ on credit. We play from 6-9pm Tue-Wed-Thur and have two events on Sundays that run 11:30-2:30 and 2:45-5:45.

Because we limit space you MUST contact a DM to play.
On Tuesdays, Rachel runs a variety of content. Shoot her an email at to see if she’s got open space, and what to bring to her games if you’d like to play. Tuesday nights run from 6PM-9PM.

The remainder of our games use Adventurer’s League, or AL. To give a short explanation: AL is a slightly modified DND experience that’s end goal is portability. You can take an AL character to any convention, or any place in the world, and use the same character. To sign up for one of our AL games, sign up on Warhorn at [Whatever the shortcut link for Warhorn Tyler made was, it was quick and snappy and now I can’t remember it].

On Wednesdays, CJ runs from 6PM-9PM, with a focus on lower level content.

On Thursdays, Spencer runs from 6PM-9PM, focusing on building towards higher level content.

On Sundays, CJ runs two sessions, one from 11:30-2:30, and another from 2:45-5:45. While all of our sessions are newbie friendly, this session usually has the most.

If you’ve never played DND before; Shoot us an email, or hop on our discord at We’re more then happy to lend a hand.

If you’re interested in playing in an AL game and never have before, but are familiar with DND, here’s a simplifed version of character creation.

-Start at 1st level

-Use Point Buy to generate your stats

-No races capable of flight at first level

-Only use the Player’s Handbook and one extra book to create your character.

And here’s a link to the full rules:–DM-Pack

We hope to see you soon!

Here is a link to our Warhorn Registration